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Question about your furnace?

One we get asked about is what is a heat exchanger:

A specialized metal cell that efficiently transfers heat from one medium to another. In the case of a gas furnace, it separates the warming flame from the air that circulates into your home. The burners heat up the exchanger which in turns heats up the air. Your blower then pushes the heated air into your house.

Another is what color should the flames be on my gas furnace:

In a natural gas furnace, when you look at the burners, you should see a mostly blue flame. if you see yellow or dancing flames — call us and we will send a technician out to inspect your furnace. If it is orange, it could be the gas and air mixture or perhaps your furnace is dirty.

One that doesn’t sound like it is a furnace question is what is the A-Coil:

Also known as the evaporator coil, this coil receives the refrigerant from the air condenser unit located outside. Composed of hundreds of tiny air passages, it is vital the coil be kept clean of dirt and dust to allow full air flow. Otherwise, your heating and cooling temperatures will be affected,