Regular inspections help improve efficiency by discovering minor errors before they become serious problems. For example, a $50-$100 inspection can save you from having to spend $500 or more on a repair. Well-maintained systems extend air condenser and furnace lifespan. Consistent maintenance may be required to keep your warranty valid.

Over time, unclean or worn-out HVAC systems become inefficient, resulting in increased monthly expenditures. Preventive maintenance, such as deep cleaning, can result in substantial savings on utility bills. Regularly maintained systems run more effectively, resulting in greater overall comfort.

Scheduled maintenance keeps contaminants from moving throughout your building, which improves overall air quality and can significantly reduce energy bills. Many HVAC service contracts include priority response times for customers experiencing system faults.

Overall, HVAC maintenance programs are a low-cost way for individuals and businesses to increase system efficiency, extend lifespan, improve indoor air quality, and provide peace of mind. Call Citywide Refrigeration to find the maintenance program that fits your budget.